Happy Holidays! TLDR; We’re rolling out email templating & theming to help you customize and keep your branding and communications with your customers and business relationships consistent. A big part of what we’ve been investing in is distilling everything we learn from our customers, our partners and from the wider public into building a great product experience. One of the things we have learnt along the way, internally and from our customers, is that communication and consistent branding is so important for a company. We have a cool new feature that we really believe will improve the way your customers see
The following is a guest post by Angelica Valentine from Wiser. Pricing: it’s one of the trickiest parts of online retail. Why? Well, not only is pricing hard to get right the first time, but it is also difficult to make sure it keeps up with the dynamic marketplace. Set it too high and you could drive shoppers away. Set it too low and you leave potential profit on the table, along with creating a customer base that is used to deep discounts. With that said, how do you determine the best price for each of your products at any
With Facebook now improving their search function, it appears that the fight between the two tech giants is intensifying as they tussle over market share for one of the most profitable arms of Google’s business – search. In one corner you have the search king and in the other, the social media ruler – both giants in their respective areas. Recently however, the line between these two territories have started to blur. Google ventured into the social media scene with Google Plus in 2011, and now Facebook is making moves to bite off chunks of the search engine pie. This
Futurology, or the systematic forecasting of the future based on present trends, has been instrumental in pushing us to improve, advance, and grow as a civilization. This is hardly a new idea – a brief glance at Leonardo da Vinci’s body of work is proof of that. We’ve now reached a stage where the internet has become the tool that we use to acquire most of the information we use to make decisions. In The New Rules of Sales and Service, David Meerman Scott says that businesses no longer hold the ultimate power in deciding what consumers buy and when. With consumers just as able
I know, I know – I’m late jumping on the Breaking Bad bandwagon. It’s so 2008 – for the first season, at least. This recent marathon through the whole five seasons of Breaking Bad was nothing short of an emotional and psychological roller coaster. While I’m thrilled that the show has been given the recognition and awards it deserves, there is more to gain from this drama series than just entertainment value. Let’s get to the point – this is not going to be a rambling review on what I deem to be the most intense TV series out there;
Moana Road is a Giftware Wholesaler based in Wellington, NZ. Founded in 2008 by Paul Ballentyne, a former Economics teacher, Moana Road has expanded quickly. There are now over 500 stores stocking their range of giftware, art, and homeware. In August of this year, Moana Road also launched in Melbourne, Australia. So how did the business come to be and settle into its current form? Moana Road gives us some insight into the inner workings of the wholesaling business, a notoriously old school industry, and how they’re using technology to maximize their growth. The beginnings In 2008, Paul began photographing New
At Zara, speed and responsiveness are more important than cost. Other brands churn out fast fashion; Zara, which is based in Spain and is owned by the distribution group Inditex, attempts the mind-spinningly supersonic. The founder, Amancio Ortega, founded Zara in 1975 in order to better understand world markets for his fashion merchandise. A decade later, he formed Inditex as a parent company for Zara, as well as several other retail concepts and suppliers that he had built. While Zara originated in Spain, it has stores in 86 countries today – in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia.
The following is a guest post by Erika Jarvi, Marketing Manager for ShipStation. She helps retailers save time and money managing their eCommerce orders by spreading the word about ShipStation. During the holiday season, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Usually, it’s the first impression that can make or break a sale, so your product pictures can become the most important thing as your customers’ roving eyes need to land on your products. To help, we have 5 tips to help you get the best pics possible for your holiday listings. 1. Use the appropriate background. For most of
From Suresh to Gherry, you’ve got to know Geckos from every department and team to date, bar one. But look, the beacons of Minas Tirith! The beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid! And Rohan will answer. It’s time to meet TradeGecko’s resident creative guru, Rohan Walsh – who leads our growing Design department. Sorry for the (inevitable) Lord of the Rings references. So here’s your chance, tell us – who is the real Rohan? Er, It’s not the first time. Usually I either get “Ro Ro Ro yer boat”, or some variation of “The Riders of Rohan”. The Lord of the Rings reference
Today, we dive into a much talked about industry – electronic cigarettes. Obscured in a cloud of intrigue, we spoke to MistHub about how they’re capitalizing on the emergence of a massive industry that’s been grabbing so many headlines recently. MistHub’s story is a fascinating one. They started off by selling hookah and were soon introduced to electronic cigarettes through family members that had quit smoking thanks to this new technology. As they dug into the market, they uncovered a whole new world of vibrant communities discussing new developments in the vaping industry. After extensive research they ordered one shipment